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Post Puller

  Pulling posts of any kind has never been easier. DSI's newest addition the Pullin-Out Plates can make removing existing fence posts as quick as 2 posts per minute. No need to dig and loosen. No wrapping chains, ropes or straps. Simply place the plate over the post and pull. Both the smaller and larger plates can be used with existing pulling devices of all types, including any tractor loader, 3 point hitch boom, forklift, backhoe or skid steer.

For close quarters or where larger equipment can not gain access, for some restricted residential communities, when automated equipment is unavailable or cost-prohibitive, the Pullin-Out Bi-pod puller does the job. Made of 1" steel pipe and a 2" by ½" steel lever, the Bi-pod pulls a wide variety of stakes or posts. The feet are set apart for balance and to allow clearance for a concrete plug. The handle acts as a stabilizing 3rd leg when hooking or placing the puller plate. For additional leverage, the handle can be lengthened by the addition of a chain-link corner post. The Pullin-Out Bi-pod is available with 5' of galvanized steel chain with grab hook and slip hook.

The Pullin-Out Bi-pod puller can be used in conjunction with specialized steel plates for a variety of applications and uses. (see links below)

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