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  The Pullin-Out Bi-pod puller can be used in conjunction with specialized steel plates for a variety of applications and uses.

  All Plates are made from ½" steel plate and can be used with Diverse Specialties' Bi-pod puller and existing pulling devices of all types, including any tractor loader, 3 point hitch boom, forklift, backhoe or skid steer.

Ideal for Public Works and Roadway Maintenance Departments!

  Removing damaged or deteriorating sign posts has just become a simple task with DSI's Pullin-Out products! Diverse Specialties, Inc. introduces a new post pulling plate designed specifically for sign posts. This plate will remove both u-posts and round posts. No chains, no straps, no shovels and no need to remove the sign before pulling. The plate fits around the post and attaches to our Bi-pod Puller. With a simple ratchet-type motion, the post is then removed from the ground.

 (special order)
Across country there are a variety of rails used. Please specify measurements and type of rail to be pulled. Picture shown is I-beam rail.


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