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  The Pullin-Out Bi-pod puller can be used in conjunction with specialized steel plates for a variety of applications and uses.

  All Plates are made from ½" steel plate and can be used with Diverse Specialties' Bi-pod puller and existing pulling devices of all types, including any tractor loader, 3 point hitch boom, forklift, backhoe or skid steer.

Ideal for Farmers, Ranchers and Commercial Fence Companies!

  Simply place the plate over the post and pull. The smaller plate pulls many types of fence posts including: t-posts, u-posts, chain-link posts, corner posts and contractor stakes. Plates can make removing existing fence posts as quick as 2 posts per minute. Simply place the plate over the post and pull.

  The larger plate pulls wood posts 3 ½" up to 6" in diameter rounds and streamlines the maintenance and repair of split-rail fencing.

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