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  Diverse Specialties, Inc. offers a consulting and design service for a myriad of mechanical and manpower opportunities. We specialize in improving production efficiency and decreasing costs through innovative and inventive changes. Windows of opportunity present themselves to each business, regardless of size, where economical change can improve production, handling, safety, and shipping and/or optimize employee manpower and hours. To ignore such opportunities, may result in stagnation of growth or could be as serious as business demise. Our significant expertise across a variety of industries, makes us the consulting choice for your company.

  We solve problems! Most solutions are unique to an individual company; others have potential as viable products for today’s marketplace. Let Diverse Specialties bring our solutions to your workplace.

  Areas of experience include the following industries: food service; farming; production, handling and shipping in canning facilities; construction and demolition; manufacturing; safety; security; medical; fire prevention, fire fighting and prescribed burning; hazardous material emergencies; and engineering in experimental construction design and technologies.



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