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  Diverse Specialties is the culmination of more than a quarter of century of firefighting, professional rescue, farming, construction and demolition experience. Bringing together expertise in the public and private sectors, DSI delivers highly innovative and effective products for use in disaster-related situations and everyday contracting.

  We solve problems! From increasing production standards in a canning facility, to disassembling a water tower (which according to most could not be done), we find solutions. Increasing productivity and safety, utilizing man-power more effectively, and all for a reasonable cost is what Diverse Specialties, Inc is all about. Bringing diverse solutions we create or find to the marketplace is what we do.

President, Robert Payne
  At eight years old he created his own wetsuit and several years later his version of the snowmobile. The jumpsuit fire gear most firemen wear now was created out of personal needs for safety he experienced. And the list goes on…Pullin-Out Post Pulling Plates were developed last year when clearing property for development included removing aged chain link fencing. Our newest product the Boom-Grapple was initially conceived on 2001, with the need reestablished during Florida’s 2004 hurricane season and the enormous amount of accumulated debris. As a practical mechanical engineer, Mr. Payne believes in continuing education and continues to pursue learning, keeping abreast of new methods and tools in a variety of industries, recently completing courses for certification in prescribed burning. Bob not only designs and builds products for DSI to distribute, but operates as a consultant in design in engineering and design modification.

Marketing, Sara Hand
  Mrs. Hand brings to the table many years of marketing in service and entertainment-related industries. Marketing is not just about selling products, but about meeting needs. Creating products is not just about good ideas, but the right good ideas. We don’t ask, “Can we do it?” but “How can we do it?” Diverse Specialties’ plan for growth is a strong one, as we move from local government sales to a national level and private individual sales to major retail chains. Our desire to utilize technology to access new and broader markets is one of determination.


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